Purchases, Sales & Mortgages

We can help you with all your Real Estate transactions, including First Time Buyer Qualification, Purchases, Sales and Mortgages.

Our Conveyancing process begins once you have finalized your Contract of Purchase and Sale and Mortgage Commitment. Your real estate agent will send us your documents for review. We perform our due diligence to ensure everything is in order, and see the paperwork through to completion of the sale and disbursement of funds.

We will contact you once we have received the contract and to confirm we are acting for you and obtain any additional details from you that will be required to complete the transaction. We will request your email address so that we can send you documents as they are completed.

Once we have all the paperwork completed you will need to attend our office to sign everything with the Notary. When you come to the office you will need to bring two pieces of ID, one a government issued identification document with a photo such as a driver’s license or passport. The second identification document can be a care card or bank credit card. If you are buying a property you will also be asked to bring in a certified cheque or bank draft for the amount that will be required to complete the purchase of the property.

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