Kerrisdale Notary provides a wide range of notarization services to authenticate critical personal, medical, and financial documents. Our main areas of service include:

Representation Agreements

Get assistance creating a Representation Agreement that appoints a legal agent to act on your behalf if you become incapable of making legal decisions or medical care choices.

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Health Care Directives

Take control of your future medical care. We guide you in creating clear Health Care Directives for medical staff and loved ones to follow.

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Wills & Estates

Drafting a will protects your assets and lessen the strain on your family. We provide thorough services for creating and revising wills sensitively and accurately.

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Power of Attorney

Power of attorney documentation authorizes someone you trust to handle your affairs and act on your behalf if you cannot.

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Purchases, Sales & Mortgages

Navigate property transactions with confidence. From draft to deed, we ensure all the paperwork for purchases, sales, and mortgages is legally watertight.

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Use our trustworthy notary services to authenticate your documents. We give the official seal needed for your critical documents, notarize signatures, and certify document copies.

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Student Travel Consent Letters

Safeguard your child’s international travel. We help parents create certified Student Travel Consent Letters, granting peace of mind when children travel without both guardians.

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Outcalls & Home Visits

For those unable to visit our office, we offer outcalls and home visits to notarize your documents in the comfort of your environment.

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